Our Investments

DueNorth believes the following criteria are necessary for building great companies and long-term value. We benchmark all potential investment opportunities on the following:

Strong Management
DueNorth focuses on the experience and capabilities of the management team. We have found that execution is the primary determinant of success. Therefore, we look for seasoned, mature leadership.  

Management is expected to be capable of advancing corporate objectives in the face of changes in technology and corporate strategy while facing the customary constraints in human and other resources. As an active investor, we look to bring our significant business building experience to bear in partnership with a management team open and accepting of constructive and strategic assistance.  

Management must have the passion, vision, and record of success expected to meet the challenge of launching a large-scale company. However if management is less experienced we explore managementís openness to advice and guidance. If no management team is in place, we will build one.

Demonstrated Product Demand and Differentiated Technology
DueNorth prefers investments where product viability can be ascertained through actual or potential customers who have some experience with or knowledge of the product. Where a record is yet to be established, we will endeavor to understand the value the company brings, the problems it solves and how effectively that value is communicated to customers. We look for sufficient evidence that a large, growing market exists and how the company offers to meet the market demand. We will explore the market opportunity, the size and competition to determine to viability of lasting enterprise.

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